This website has been created for the people of North Baddesley to provide a broad range of community, historical and business information pages for use by the residents as well as serving as a platform to promote our village on the world wide web. We would also like to welcome all our UK and overseas visitors.

We hope that all the people who live in the parish, those whose ancestors lived in the village, and visitors will find this site of genuine interest, and that it manages to provide you with the necessary information and knowledge of North Baddesley that you require.

It contains many photographs of the parish both old and new, village history including a Time Chart, village organisations, local businesses, services, an environmental section, clubs, sporting activities, village, Hampshire, national and world news and a community discussion forum.

We would like to thank the local residents who have supplied the information contained within this site.

Picture of the Village Hall

North Baddesley Village Hall, Botley Road.
Click anywhere on the photograph to see a larger photograph of the MILLENNIUM WEATHER-VANE and details.


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