The information contained in these pages has been collected by Una Lonergan and Beryl Green over a period of fifteen years into an “Archive” of Historical Information about the people, their recollections and events that occured in the Village of North Baddesley, plus many hundreds of photographs that have been supplied by villagers.

Una and Beryl tell the story, in their own words of how this “Archive” and “The North Baddesley Historical Society” came into being.
“We have been friends since we were teenagers and in the early 1990’s (having both retired), we decided to find out more about the village that we lived in. In the process we started to gather a lot of old photographs, old wills, documents and information about the village, including quite a few memoirs of people who have lived here all their lives, this now forms the basis of what is known as THE NORTH BADDESLEY ARCHIVE.

In 1996 we produced our first book entitled The Changing Face of North Baddesley and in 2005 our second book North Baddelsey… Revisited (we still have copies of this available at £3.00 each)
In between times we produced two videos in 2003 entitled:
The Story of North Baddesley From Domesday to the Millenium and
The Story of the Borden Site 1938-2002.

Due to local interest and support we decided to form “The North Baddesley Historical Society” with the support of the Parish Council.

The inaugural meeting took place in September 2006, with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Parish Council joining us on the Committee. The first benefit of the Historical Society has been the setting up of this Web Site, bringing us into the 2lst century.

Sadly the two friends that created “The North Baddesley Achive” and “The North Baddesley Historical Society” are no longer with us as both Una Lonergan and Beryl Green have both recently died. However the “The North Baddesley Historical Society” will continue.

All Publications

In 2005 we published the The North Baddesley… Revisted book which is a 56 page Pictorial Journey Though The 20th Century with colour and black and white photographs of North Baddesley plus text snippets of its history. Copies are available for only £3.00 plus post and packing. So far over 1500 copies of this book have been sold and £1000 has been donated to the Patients Participation Group (Health Centre).

Picture of the North Baddesley…Revisted book cover

In January 2008 we published the Memoranda of the Parish of North Baddesley by John Marsh 1808 to mark the 200th anniversary of it being written. The book has 32 pages and is a history of North Baddesley written by John Marsh and is dedicated to Sir Nathaniel Holland Bart owner of the Manor at the time. Copies are available for only £3.00 each plus post and packing.

Picture of John Marsh history of North Baddesley book 1808

In May 2008 we published the North Baddesley School Log Book 1876-1945 compiled by Janet Harman. The book has 66 pages of interesting extracts from the school log from its beginning in 1876 and concluding at the end of the Second World War. Copies are available for only £3.00 each plus post and packing.

Picture of the School log book 1876-1945

Story of Baddesley - An Interesting Hampshire Manor by Florence Horatia Nelson Suckling. The book has 40 pages of the history of Baddesley from the time of its record in the Domesday Book 1086 up to 1916. Copies are available for only £3.00 each plus post and packing.

Picture of the cover The Story of North Baddesley


The aims are:

We meet every two months in the Baptist Church Hall, Nutburn Road (near the traffic lights on the A27) at 7.30pm.

Everyone is welcome and you can either join or attend individual talks. The yearly subscription is £12 and the visitors fee is £2.50 for each talk.

For further details contact:

Jane Powell on 023 8073 2128 or email


January 20th
“Women In War” Speaker: Heather Sheeley

March 17th
“The Sugar Trade” Speaker: Dr. Andy Russel

May 19th
Outing - Salisbury City
Centre Meet at Baptist Church Hall. Time to be arranged

July 21st
Supper & Photographic Projection

September 15th
Speaker: Phoebe Merrick

November 17th
“My Theatrical Family”
Speaker: Pete Betteridge

Subscriptions are due in January
Yearly Subs are £12, Visitors £2.50

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